by Youth

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released May 4, 2012

Robert Gaudiosi
Robert Rich
Dave Hurban
Dalton Romano

Tracked, Mixed & Produced by Dan Pilla at
Bad Lab Studio, Mastered at Nada Recording



all rights reserved


youth Hammonton, New Jersey

Four friends from Hammonton New Jersey

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Track Name: Three Cassette's
Old favorite songs
Just get older
Are you bored yet

What makes a classic
Is it lack of trying
Or trying for timeless

Is everyone growing up too fast
Then trying to hard to get time back

Does it all get old
Does it all get old
Are you bored yet
Track Name: Youth - Overture
Thought's racing around in my head
I don't see me getting through this

These ghosts take me by the hands
Let me know of letting go of everything tonight

My grip slips slow
I'm letting go

My lifes in my hands tonight, I've made my decision
The pills aren't working this time, I've made my choice

My grip slips slow
I'm letting go
Track Name: Boy's Chore
Hope this song gets lost
This thing's gone four years and forgotten to stop
Tired eyed, quiet eyed
Always had too much to drive

Won't get myself depressed
Over shit that used to make my life feel meaningless
Like missing you and having loved and lost

Trying to handle yours and mine is like cutting in line on the way to die
I'll sleep when I'm dead

Back then we never thought of ends
We never thought too far past the fix
Together we were the worst
Could be the best of the best when surrounded by dirt

So lets go back to your mom's broken home
lets forget that remembered when we were alone
Go ahead and relapse
they'll find my body on 8th and my wallet on Grant

So today I try
'Cause a boy's only chore is not to die
I wish I had a river so long
I'd skate away on
Track Name: Shot Short Range
The one that needs me
The one that's leaving
The one thats hurting
And all the things that i cant change

And it hurts to know
You cant let me go
You told me you'd change
You shot short range

The songs you ghostwrote
From the feelings you invoked
And ill miss the right notes
On the words that meant most

And it hurts to know
You cant let me go
You told me you'd change
You shot short range

My friends say California's not so far
But they're not spending their days
Wondering where their girlfriends are

Ill be hiding out in LA
You're in Seattle far away
Like these addictions my friends face
I'm sure you'll find your way back to me

I miss you
I don't want to
I've got to move on
I've got to move on

I wish I never found the love of my life
In a paper blue bag encased in plastic
I wish a lot of things were different

I feel far away
Wouldn't blame you if sometimes
You wish you never met me

And it hurts to know
You can't let me go
Told me you'd change
You shot short range

I don't want to
Be the one who
Has to be barer of bad news

But this has to stop
Starting today
It's not like you cared anyway
Track Name: Shelf Life
Will we find comfort in this open road
Have we ever asked ourselves if we'll like what we've never known

Are we afraid to commit
Have our hearts been lost trying to be hip

Shelf life Stop lights And half lives
Talk the talk and walk the walk stand tall

Loose talk Names dropped They called the show off
Through disrespect and bad calls we still stand tall

I hope youth's never lost. Again.

All those things you've ever said about me
Just another dead kid sixth and green is where I should be

But we decided baggage can only
Weigh us down Until we move on
Here we are standing tall moving on.

Short and sweet and unafraid
In this small fish bowl
On the road will we sink or swim
Or will we meet our goals

The mystery makes me lose sleep

You can turn the keys start the car
Bad music won't go far
Use your heart make your mark
Just move on
Pay your bills just be responsible don't leave the Wreckage of your past to your next of kin
Complacency sets in

We've come too god damn far
Disadvantaged start
Some tried there best to help us
Sometimes "try's" not enough

Will we find comfort in this open road
Great solitude all day in a van on the way to a show
Define doubts and what it means to commit and Know we're not the first band
That had to go through this shit
Just so we could hear
The aural illustration of their fights with fear

This is not the ending that resolves the pivotal point
It just continues begging the question
I've asked myself all my life Is it worth the fight?
I don't want to wonder on my deathbed
If my decision to leave it all behind was right