by Youth

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First recorded EP


released May 1, 2011

Bad Lab Studio LLC



all rights reserved


youth Hammonton, New Jersey

Four friends from Hammonton New Jersey

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Track Name: senior
Godspeed me, back home
I envy you in your faith, and in your lack of hate, for fellow men and your self
Self pity's just a father figure for this abundance of weak men
I was raised on true words from a true man
A true heart of hearts

Songs for fathers are a good cliche, because in some way, somehow we can all relate
After every verse, I can always hear the exhale of a man who hurts

In return for every act against him, he showed mercy
Even after cruel words from a fall down drunk, he still let me stay
He should have beat me dead

He'll never stop reaching hurting waiting worrying for me
I wish I could stop him from hurting waiting up and falling apart
Even mothers have their pain all nights thoughts course blood through their veins
Cycles occur reaching waiting, waiting worrying for me

If you're such a man, then get back up
If it's just a regret in the making
I'll swear on God, that I'll just stop

The all singing all dancing, unseen and unheard
The day I realize all my problems are from me coming first
When I've a slate wiped clean by the gloves of some,
at the table of my fellow shun fathers' sons
I begged the fucking sky for it to take back its blues
My fathers prophecy I cant complete of finishing school
I kept singing, kept dancing, now I'm seen and I'm heard,
because its all I ever wanted when your wishes came first

I begged and begged the sky for it to take back its blues,
and return humility to out my need to use
I sold your sons their deaths and all daughters too, and I'm the son of the father who you could never bares shoes
Traditions stand up against me as just a fair price for my long awaited re-entry
And though these trials stand incomplete, he still loves me unconditionally
Track Name: kite house
You always seem to catch me (complete me), and confuse me to all ends
Taking steps that lead to a letter unread
Breathe like you did when you did when you felt regret for the way things happened
It comes in quick with the anger I never learned to manage

It gets so old (we've been through this before)
This bed gets cold (the sheets worn in and torn, like me)

The thought of you leaving me
Worn in and torn, like me
The thought of you leaving me

A part of me separated from my friends that night
I don't belong here
A part of me was lost into Kite House that night
I am a ghost

You were the worst friends I ever had
Passive-aggressive addicts in denial
You can keep pointing out my flaws and writing these songs about me
But I'm taking back my youth, taking back what I wasted on you

All these conversations and awkward confrontations, and I hate myself to death over every situation
And every single day I say I'm better than this and I'll never believe it when it's from my lips

It took years for me to understand, about the world and how it spins
I've spent day and night seeking the truth, but I'm giving up and taking back my youth
Track Name: fragile alliance
Conversations vacant, all eyes consumed
Distorted faces wondering my next move
Please understand that I'm not well
No, I'm not well

This is my final remarks on a theory of friends
Were you ever listening?
The difference between us ignited a spark at both ends
And turned to friends competing
Ruin my thoughts as I question the state of my mind
It's fine, It's fine it all takes time
These smiles I wore couldn't mask all the feelings I felt

I'm not here, its clear
There's something wrong

The lies you make, the life you lead, it's all fake
The choice you made, the friends you hurt, your act's fading away

Too much time spent idle, and I'm consumed
Always less than, Always less than them and you

Your life's a lie, come on come on, focus
Let it all out, try and breathe

Believe me I am nothing but a mistake
A disappointment every single fucking way
Left alone and consumed by hate
But you're just the same as me
Track Name: unresolved
This hate that I feel in my heart has been building up for way too long
The things that you say and you do that get me to this point of crossing the line
Just walk away, be the bigger man, don't let it get to me
Leave the past in the past, move on with my life, forget everything that I've seen

Hide all this hate, put it aside, just to get on with my life
I can't hold back, I can't hold back, it all just gets to me
Things that I've seen and Ive done that I can't forget, No I can't forget
It's all building up, It's all building up, I'm letting go of everything

So let go
Of everything
It's too hard
It all just gets to me

A just man, with a past
In a closed house, that's windowless